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To explore Antalya's historical places and awesome tourist sights, we strongly advice you to take our tours and excursions. Our unique sightseeing program offers city's best attractions.

Antalya's historical places and awesome tourist sights can be discovered by our tours and excursions. Our unique sightseeing program offers city's best attractions. Antalya is the most convenient base for excursions throughout the region, from Olympos in the southwest to Alanya in the southeast.

Demre, St Nicholas Church, Myra, Kekova

( Combination of Bus & Yacht Tour ) 08 - 19.00 This full day tours is has been rates as one of the most popular tours . During the tour our guests will combine the excursion to the places of ancient history and enjoy sunbathing on the deck of a traditional yacht sailing to the Sunken Islands, where over the years the structural movement of the Earth has caused total submerging of some ancient towns alongside the northern coast, while remains of the others have been scattered along the coastline. We will enjoy the sites of fascinating Lycian Necropolis, chest type tombs and the ruins of ancient houses in the distance and under the water. The finest examples of Lycian funerary architecture have been preserved in Myra, near the expanding present day town Demre. The Tour will continue to Demre to the Church of St. Nicholas, the Patron Saint of children and is considered to be one of the places of Pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians.

Perge, Aspendos, Side, Manavgat Waterfalls 09 - 17.00

This might be the best possible tour to the ancient ruins and cities of Antalya region , which reflects the glorious age of classical era. Perge is the largest ancient settling of both Hellenistic and Roman Age, with its Roman Bath, Colonnaded Street, Agora, Stadium, and an Aqueduct. These structures are in a good shape and well protected after their excavation. Visit to Aspendos is very exciting for those guests who are theatre fans, as Aspendos Theatre is the best preserved Roman Theatre in the World which is still in use, hosting 15 000 spectators to enjoy classical and modern music concerts and different Art Festivals. Side - “pomegranate” is and ancient town with the Roman Theatre, Agora, the Harbour and archeological museum.. Today, it is a pretty Resort Town with two sandy beaches, many shops along its ancient street. This tour of three ancient towns ends at Manavgat Waterfalls.

Pamukkale & Hierapolis

Pammukale –the frozen falls, or the “ Cotton Castle”- is a fairytale land of dazzling white petrified stalactites , potholes and fairy-tables formed by limestone-laden hot springs. This water is reputed to be beneficial to the eyes and skin and to alleviate asthma, rheumatism and dermatitis.

As much fun as the Castle is, do not neglect to visit the splendid Hierapolis – the ruins spread over a mile from the city founded by Eumenus II of Pergamon and bequeathed by Attalus II to Rome. It was leveled by an earthquake in AD 17 and rebuilt to enjoy prosperity in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. During the tour we will visit the ruins of the Roman Theatre with its beautiful relief on the facade , walk along the Froninus Street with its Roman Baths and the Necropolis. Lunch break and thermal bath will be taken in one of the local Hotels.

Visits to the local Carpet factory and onyx facture are included in this tour as well.

Phaselis & Three Islands Yacht Tour 09.00 - 17.00

A full day tour by yacht to Phaselis and Three Islands. One of the most popular cruises along the western coast of Antalya. During the tour our guests enjoy sunbathing while relaxing on the deck and swimming waters of the board of the Gullet Yacht in the deep turquoise waters of the Mediterranean surrounded by the magnificent scenery of bays and Taurus Mountains. While sailing along the shores one can catch here and there the ruins of great ancient monuments . Phaselis is an ancient city with a beautiful Harbour Way, Marina, Roman Theatre, Hadrian Gate. Visit the picturesque bays of Phaselis and have lunch on board of your yacht .

Köprülü Canyon Rafting 08.30 - 18.00

Amazing tour to the highlands of Antalya, rafting in the white foaming waters. Full day tour starts in the morning by coach transfer up to the Canyon. Rafting instructor will brief the rafters on the rules of rafting and program in general. The group takes the different sizes of canoes for 2 persons and raft boats min for 6 up to 12 persons. There are 3 different lapses to overcome. Lunch break is arranged in a local restaurant with cold starters, salad and barbecued fish or chicken. The rafting continues after the lunch break. The group will have a swimming break in the cool spring waters and visit the ancient Roman Bridge. The program ends mid afternoon. The whole programme will be recorded on video and could be purchased by the end of the tour.

Off Road Jeep Safari 09 – 17:00

An adventure trip over Taurus mountains ( 1200 m above the sea level). This tour begins in Kemer. The convoy of vehicles climbs up the mountains through the forest passing by small nomadic villages, where we will have a short stop. Lunch break will take place at Altinkaya surrounded by the fantastic views our guests will enjoy their BBQ and drink water from the natural spring . The tour will continue where the drivers can test their courage driving through the foaming waters of Alakir river and pass by the picturesque artificial lake. А few photo breaks in the most beautiful places on route.

Antalya City Tour 09.30 - 16.00

This half day tour gives good chance to our guests to get to know Antalya – the capital city of Turkish Riviera where they are spending their vacation.

Ancient Attaleia was founded by King Attalus II of Pergamon in 158 BC and bequeathed to Rome in 133 BC. It was badly battered by Arabs in 7th century, but still remained in Byzantine hands until 1206 when Selcuks arrived. The city was a regular staging post for Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. From 1390 the control over the city was taken by the Ottomans.

Places of interest are – the restored ancient citadel Kaleici with its beautiful Harbor , Clock Tower , Fluted Minaret, Hadrian’s Gate, Archeological Museum and many more.

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